What should we pay our MPs? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 18 May 2009:

What should we pay our MPs?

Unless you’ve recently been living under a rock, you can't have missed the MP expenses scandal. One argument put forward is MPs aren't paid a wage equivalent to the calibre of people we want to attract.

So forget vitriol for the current lot, which of these is nearest what we should pay our MPs?

Assume there’ll also be legit expenses for office staffing and extra living allowance for those with distant constituencies.

Apologies for any salary inaccuracies below, they're from reliable web sources but of course specifc cases vary widely.


A. Nothing, it should be voluntary.873 votes (9 %)
B. £11,000/yr (c. Carphone Warehouse staff basic. Source: Guardian)225 votes (2 %)
C. £25,000/yr (c. London Bus driver salary).568 votes (6 %)
D. £30,000/yr (c. Uni Lecturer w/post doctoral research & experience).1,492 votes (15 %)
E. £49,000/yr (c. London post-natal ward matron).950 votes (10 %)
F. £54,000/yr (c. Inspector-level Police officer & above).1,077 votes (11 %)
G. £64,766/yr (MP's current salary).1,561 votes (16 %)
H. £80,000/yr (c. Director of efficiency savings, city council, 4-day week).1,067 votes (11 %)
I. £97,000/yr (c. Avg ACA chartered accountant).442 votes (4 %)
J. £103,000/yr (c. District judge's salary).549 votes (6 %)
K. £110,000/yr (c. Avg family GP salary). 633 votes (6 %)
L. £160,000/yr (c. Weekly salary of Man City striker Robinho).137 votes (1 %)
M. £172,000/yr (c. High court judge's salary).203 votes (2 %)
N. £3.5m/yr (c. Top 100 UK company chief exec pay & bonus).  14 votes (0 %)
O. £50m/yr (c. Simon Cowell reported earnings. Source: Forbes.com).119 votes (1 %)

                   9,910 votes received.

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