Are you a voucherista or voucherhata?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 18 August 2008:

Are you a voucherista or voucherhata?

The growth of discount vouchers has seen the rise of Voucheristas; people who choose their restaurants, shops and days out based on whether thereís a voucher. Yet, sadly some are embarrassed or think it's uncouth to use them, especially when eating out.

Which is nearest your experience of using vouchers?


A. My friends and I are voucheristas.1,834 votes (42 %)
B. Iím a voucherista but some friends get embarrassed by it.1,338 votes (31 %)
C. I canít be bothered with vouchers.475 votes (11 %)
D. Itís embarrassing; I hate it when friends do it. 147 votes (3 %)
E. Iíve not tried vouchers yet.490 votes (11 %)
F. Iíve too much money to care.88 votes (2 %)

                   4,372 votes received.

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