Who wears the financial trousers in your family?MoneySaving Poll Results

Which of the following is closest to your family set up when it comes to the financial battle of the genders?


Doesn't apply - I'm in a same-sex relationship362 votes (3 %)
Doesn't apply - I'm not in relationship (incl single parent)2,344 votes (17 %)
Everything is done together / split equally1,786 votes (13 %)
Man does household budget, woman financial product choice228 votes (2 %)
Man does most things financial, woman mostly nowt 2,630 votes (19 %)
No one - it's a big problem  33 votes (0 %)
Woman does household budget, man financial product choice 766 votes (5 %)
Woman does most things financial, man mostly nowt 5,863 votes (42 %)

                   14,012 votes received.

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