Should we nationalise the banks?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 19 Jan 2009:

Should we nationalise the banks?

This week the government covered another £200 bn of banking assets and increased its share in RBS to 70%. Is it time for us to take the whole banking system into state ownership and control?

Which of these is closest to your view of what the Government should do?


A. Donít bail banks out, let them fail, if thatís market forces.2,139 votes (26 %)
B. Take stakes in banks if needed, but donít take operational control (current situation).1,511 votes (18 %)
C. Nationalise all the banks the govt is taking a share of.2,437 votes (29 %)
D. Nationalise ALL banks.729 votes (9 %)
E. Nationalise ALL banks and building societies.548 votes (7 %)
F. Other.111 votes (1 %)
G. Donít Know (donít understand it).803 votes (10 %)
H. Donít Care.71 votes (1 %)

                   8,349 votes received.

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