Would you vote for a £14.66 minimum wage?MoneySaving Poll Results


A Swiss referendum to introduce a 22-franc (c.£14.66) per hour minimum wage, proposed by unions to promote "fair salaries for workers in the lowest-paid professions", was voted down on the grounds that a state intervention may hurt the economy. If you were setting the UK's minimum wage, what would it be?

Which is closest to your view on the minimum wage FOR UK OVER-21s?


Scrap the minimum wage1,320 votes (7 %)
£2.68/hour (current apprentice rate)  74 votes (0 %)
£3.72/hour (current under-18s’ rate)  43 votes (0 %)
£5.03/hour (current 18-20 year olds’ rate)267 votes (1 %)
£6.31/hour (current UK over-21s’ rate)1,224 votes (6 %)
£7.33/hour (half the proposed Swiss rate)931 votes (5 %)
£7.65/hour (the estimated UK living wage)6,670 votes (35 %)
£8.80/hour (the estimated London living wage)4,103 votes (22 %)
£11.00/hour (three-quarters of the proposed Swiss rate)2,084 votes (11 %)
£14.66/hour (the proposed Swiss minimum wage)2,364 votes (12 %)

                   19,080 votes received.

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