Are you less in debt than you used to be?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 19 July 2011:

Are you less in debt than you used to be?

The credit crunch has now been around for four years. Borrowing is harder to get than it used to be, and with many people having been burned, there’s talk the nation is becoming more debt averse.

Compared to FIVE YEARS ago, which of these is closest to your scenario (exclude mortgage & student loans)


I was debt free then and still am2,242 votes (32 %)
Am debt free now but due to bankruptcy/IVA151 votes (2 %)
I was too young to borrow then, so they’re bigger now91 votes (1 %)
Was in debt five years ago - now all paid off707 votes (10 %)
My debts are much smaller now1,206 votes (17 %)
My debts are a little smaller now668 votes (10 %)
My debts are roughly the same436 votes (6 %)
My debts are a little bigger now574 votes (8 %)
My debts are a lot bigger now852 votes (12 %)

                   6,927 votes received.

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