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Poll Started 17 Nov. Should squatters have rights?

Roughly speaking, if a squatter enters an unoccupied building, without breaking and entering, and then secures the building like a home, they’ve a legal right to stay and it's tough to evict them.

Some say that as properties are in short supply as they are right now, squatting ensures empty buildings are made use of, helping all of us; others say property ownership is a right and squatting is just legal theft.

Which of the following is closest to your view?


A. Squatters right. It means unused properties are used. 289 votes (5 %)
B. Only in long-term unused buildings where properties’ve been empty for years.789 votes (14 %)
C. Temp. squats only; ie they can easily be kicked out once the building's needed. 1,248 votes (22 %)
D. Diddly squat. Squatting’s ridiculous, we need to change the law to prevent it.3,335 votes (59 %)

                   5,661 votes received.

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