Would a 35m lottery win make you happy?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started: 20 August 2007.

Would a 35m lottery win make you happy?

Last week, a woman in Scotland won 35 million on the Euro lottery; when asked if this would make her happy, she said no itd make me more secure.

Which of the following is the nearest to your view?


A. Itd make my life easy, but you can still have problems.3,497 votes (44 %)
B. Itd fulfil all my dreams, of course Id be happy. 1,601 votes (20 %)
C. Itd make me more secure, but it doesnt change much. 598 votes (8 %)
D. Its just one less thing to worry about, life goes on. 611 votes (8 %)
E. Itd be champagne and cocktails forever, fantastic!512 votes (6 %)
F. I wouldnt want that much cash, Id give most of it away. 1,122 votes (14 %)

                   7,941 votes received.

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