Would you live at a murder scene to bag a house price discount?MoneySaving Poll Results


There's a flat on sale in North London at a reported £100,000 discount to other similar properties because a serial killer committed his murders there. We wanted to test your attitudes to prior property history.

In which of the following circumstances would you NEVER buy even at a big discount (click all that apply)?


A former prime minister lived there386 votes (3 %)
A known criminal lived there3,014 votes (23 %)
A serial killer lived in the property5,609 votes (43 %)
It was a brothel3,657 votes (28 %)
It was used as a drug den5,605 votes (43 %)
Itís a sale after a repossession347 votes (3 %)
Itís full of damp7,062 votes (55 %)
Itís in a flood risk area9,865 votes (76 %)
Itís in a high crime area9,755 votes (75 %)
Itís in serious disrepair4,618 votes (36 %)
Itís subsiding10,032 votes (78 %)
None of those options worry me440 votes (3 %)
Someone recently died at the property1,438 votes (11 %)
There was a murder in the property5,460 votes (42 %)

12,937 people have selected 67,288 options (percentages are the number who voted for that topic of the total people who have voted, so won't add up to 100%).

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