Would you eat roadkill?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 20 October 2009:

Would you eat roadkill?

In Martin's ITV1 Thrifty Ways for Modern Days programme last Friday, one extreme MoneySaver showed how he found, prepared and ate roadkill pheasant sausages.

Assuming someone had safely made it for you - would you eat roadkill?


A. Yes - I've eaten it before.755 votes (8 %)
B. Yes - I've no problems with it at all.1,808 votes (19 %)
C. Yes - Provided it was from an animal I'd eat anyway.1,794 votes (18 %)
D. No - I'm vegetarian / have religious food prohibitions.814 votes (8 %)
E. No - It's plainly disgusting.4,533 votes (47 %)

                   9,704 votes received.

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