What should be means-tested? Free bus passes, the NHS, student loans?MoneySaving Poll Results


Many allowances and entitlements are means-tested (dependent on your income or wealth), but some are given to everyone.

Which of the following do you think should be available to all and which should be means-tested?


Free bus passes for over-65s (16230 votes)
Means-tested7346 votes (45%)
Available to all8884 votes (55%)
Disability benefits (16229 votes)
Means-tested7436 votes (46%)
Available to all8793 votes (54%)
Free NHS access (16228 votes)
Means-tested2245 votes (14%)
Available to all13983 votes (86%)
The full student loan (ie, means-tested on parental income) (16229 votes)
Means-tested8504 votes (52%)
Available to all7725 votes (48%)
Free care home access (16229 votes)
Means-tested6404 votes (39%)
Available to all9825 votes (61%)
European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (16230 votes)
Means-tested2658 votes (16%)
Available to all13572 votes (84%)
Free school transport for under-16s (16228 votes)
Means-tested6726 votes (41%)
Available to all9502 votes (59%)
Sight/hearing tests (16230 votes)
Means-tested4938 votes (30%)
Available to all11292 votes (70%)
Free museum access (16229 votes)
Means-tested4337 votes (27%)
Available to all11892 votes (73%)
Child benefit (16232 votes)
Means-tested11092 votes (68%)
Available to all5140 votes (32%)
NHS prescriptions (16228 votes)
Means-tested7699 votes (47%)
Available to all8529 votes (53%)
Free TV licences for over-75s (16232 votes)
Means-tested8305 votes (51%)
Available to all7927 votes (49%)
State pension (16229 votes)
Means-tested2672 votes (16%)
Available to all13557 votes (84%)
Free school meals (ie, means-tested on parental income) (16229 votes)
Means-tested11672 votes (72%)
Available to all4557 votes (28%)
Free library access (16227 votes)
Means-tested1698 votes (10%)
Available to all14529 votes (90%)
Passport costs (16225 votes)
Means-tested9231 votes (57%)
Available to all6994 votes (43%)

           16,227 people have voted.

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