Income Tax: Do you agree with the Govt’s changes?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 21 April 2008:

Income Tax: Do you agree with the Govt’s changes?

There’s a possible backbench rebellion against the govt’s 6 April tax changes. The basic rate’s been cut from 22% to 20%; but the old 10% starting band has been dropped to pay for it.

The main winners: Those earning above £15,075 pay less tax.
The main losers: Those earning between £5,435 and £15,075 pay more tax. Some people will have this made up by tax credits but its estimated 5.3m won't.

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Which of these is closest to your view?


A. I approve. All basic rate taxpayers now pay a lower 20% rate, so it's good.1,825 votes (17 %)
B. I disapprove. It’s not fair for those on lower incomes to pay more. 8,670 votes (83 %)

                   10,495 votes received.

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