When do you think interest rates will go up?MoneySaving Poll Results

The base rate has been on hold at its historic 0.5% low since March 2009, with little sign of it rising any time soon. The result has been record low borrowing rates but shocking savings returns.

But when do you think they will eventually rise? Dust off your crystal ball and give us your prediction.


In the next couple of months306 votes (3 %)
By the end of 2013624 votes (7 %)
In 2014 1,852 votes (21 %)
In 20152,346 votes (26 %)
2016-20172,286 votes (25 %)
2018 or later1,030 votes (11 %)
They'll go down before they go up 339 votes (4 %)
They'll never go up219 votes (2 %)

                   9,002 votes received.

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