Would you bend to pick up a penny?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 21 Dec 2009:

Would you bend to pick up a penny?

Youíre walking down an empty street, and you see a coin on the floor a few yards away, slightly out of your path.

How much would it have to be for you to step across and pocket it?

Thereís no 1p option to exclude Ďa penny for luckí.


A. 2p8,473 votes (34 %)
B. 5p1,955 votes (8 %)
C. 10p2,844 votes (11 %)
D. 20p2,813 votes (11 %)
E. 50p4,130 votes (16 %)
F. £12,482 votes (10 %)
G. £2422 votes (2 %)
H. Even £2 isnít worth it.165 votes (1 %)
I. Itís not my money, I wouldnít pick it up.648 votes (3 %)
J. Iíd pocket whatever it is and give it to charity.1,199 votes (5 %)

                   25,131 votes received.

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