Is it fair for Ryanair to pay compensation?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 22 April 2010:

Is it fair for Ryanair to pay compensation?

Ryanairís boss was mooting while it will give flight refunds, the EU regulations of covering peopleís food and accommodation for days of volcano delays are absurd for it (though it will follow them).

His argument is itís ridiculous that people only bought super-cheap £20ish tickets, yet the airline should then have to pay out £100s in hotel bills.

Which of these is closer to your opinion?


A. Ryanairís right. Why does buying a super-cheap flight gain the right to a hotel room?2,121 votes (41 %)
B. Ryanairís wrong. It knows the rules & should price accordingly.3,100 votes (59 %)

                   5,221 votes received.

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