Money maths - how good are you?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 22 May 2007.

This is a repeat of a poll I did back in 2005, to see how good you are at figuring out a basic, but not straightforward money sum. Which of the following gives the best return? (correct answer in next week's e-mail) The stockmarket.... millionaires receive it.

Which of these deliberately stark choices is closest to your view?


A. rises 5% a year for 4 years then drops 5% a year for 4 years1,790 votes (32 %)
B. drops 5% a year for 4 years then rises 5% a year for 4 years776 votes (14 %)
C. stays the same1,572 votes (28 %)
D. all are equal1,409 votes (25 %)

                   5,547 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.