'Should you go on holiday while in debt?'MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 22 June 2009:

Should you go on holiday while in debt?

A family with total earnings of £35,000 has nearly £15,000 on a credit card (at 6.8% life of balance). They’re slowly chipping away at it, but are still five years from debt-free status.

Yet they haven’t been away for two years and are desperate for the guaranteed sun and a bit of the luxury of a foreign holiday, which would push off substantial repayments for a long time afterwards.

What would you suggest they do?


A. No holiday until debt-free. Then life gets easier anyway.3,471 votes (23 %)
B. Camp in the UK. It's dirt cheap but still a break.6,836 votes (45 %)
C. Cheap overseas break's fine. After all, the debts aren't that costly.3,203 votes (21 %)
D. Time for a treat. They’ve been good for ages.1,520 votes (10 %)

                   15,030 votes received.

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