The “What does the government spend our money on?” quiz…MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 22 July 2008.

The "What does the government spend our money on?" quiz.

Below are the main sections of the government's £618 billion (a thousand million) pound annual expenditure.

Which of these do you think the government currently spends the most money (£169bn) on?


A. Debt Interest.2,783 votes (38 %)
B. Defence (Armed forces).1,430 votes (20 %)
C. Education. 141 votes (2 %)
D. Health.1,052 votes (15 %)
E. Industry, Agriculture, Employment.86 votes (1 %)
F. Public Order & Safety (policing).84 votes (1 %)
G. Social Protection (benefits, pensions).1,613 votes (22 %)
H. Transport.50 votes (1 %)

                   7,239 votes received.

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