What puts you off / frustrates you about switching energy?MoneySaving Poll Results


During the election, we were gobsmacked when the man in charge of UK energy policy, business secretary Greg Clark, said: "I haven't switched, one of the reasons is... it is quite a hassle." If he's never switched, how does he know it's too much hassle?

Yet unlike Greg Clark, you're not paid to understand switching policy, though it does pay to switch. So we wanted to find out what, if anything, puts you off switching (even if you do it regularly)Ö

So energy bill payers, please select ALL the issues with switching which apply to you.


(5192 votes)
Donít really understand how switching works178 votes (3%)
Firms Iíve not heard of come cheapest Ė donít know if theyíre any good1191 votes (23%)
Too much hassle / I canít be bothered327 votes (6%)
Mean to but never get round to it184 votes (4%)
Iím in energy debt so not sure I can switch58 votes (1%)
Comparing is easy, but Iím worried switching provider will be a nightmare463 votes (9%)
Iíve a tricky meter which stops me switching89 votes (2%)
Iím in Northern Ireland so comparing is tough20 votes (0%)
I'm worried Iíll lose smart meter functions242 votes (5%)
Iím happy with my current supplier314 votes (6%)
I'm not sure it really saves money in the long run531 votes (10%)
Comparison sites are complicated286 votes (6%)
I'm worried Iíll be cut off in error97 votes (2%)
I rent and am not allowed29 votes (1%)
Donít want people to have to come to my home to do it41 votes (1%)
Switched before and had a bad experience410 votes (8%)
I donít understand my bills properly213 votes (4%)
Iím on a prepaid meter and donít think I can28 votes (1%)
Another reason (please tell us in the forum discussion link below)491 votes (9%)
(1131 votes)
None of the above, switching is easy1131 votes (100%)

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