Are you a knock-off Nigel or Nigella?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 22 Sept 2008.

Are you a knock-off Nigel or Nigella?

While walking down your local high street, youíre approached by someone with a plastic bag full of almost certainly fake DVDs of films you want to see. Buying one's generally considered a criminal offence, yet the trade persists.

Which is nearest to your reaction?


A. I wouldnít buy it, itís illegal.4,239 votes (39 %)
B. I wouldnít buy it and Iíd report the seller.601 votes (5 %)
C. I wouldíve bought it, but wonít now I know it's illegal.182 votes (2 %)
D. It may be illegal, but itís cheap, so Iíd do it.1,172 votes (11 %)
E. I donít care about the legality, I wonít buy due to quality worries.2,782 votes (25 %)
F. I generally wonít buy them, but if itís a really juicy film...600 votes (5 %)
G. I donít buy illegal films, I unlawfully download them.1,396 votes (13 %)

                   10,972 votes received.

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