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Poll Started 23 Feb 2009.

Would you help a fellow consumer?

Youíre in the queue at an electrical shop. The person in front of you is taking back their new radio, bought a few days earlier, as it's faulty. The shop staff tell him/her "you have to send it to manufacturer, it's not our business". This is NOT correct, it is the shop you made the 'contract' with, thus the law says it needs to sort it.

You KNOW what the shops said is wrong, so which of these is nearest to your attitude?


A. Keep Schtum. I donít want to interfere, it's not my business.461 votes (5 %)
B. Speak Up. Iíd walk up and tell the shop staff theyíre wrong.4,761 votes (54 %)
C. Tell the customer. If I could tell the customer without shop staff hearing I would.3,553 votes (40 %)

                   8,775 votes received.

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