Would you spend an MP's expenses?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 23 march 2009:

Would you spend an MP's expenses?

Recently, a number of MPs have had ‘exposes’ done on their expenses claims. Yet often it's within the letter if not the spirit of the rules. At £63,000, their salaries are above average, but substantially lower than big business bosses get. See the full MP's pay and allowances rules.

If you were an MP, which of these is closest to what you’d do? (Be honest)


A. Use every available allowance to supplement my salary if possible.2,206 votes (29 %)
B. Spend when I need to, but not push the limit.3,249 votes (42 %)
C. Try to minimise claims, it's public money.2,261 votes (29 %)

                   7,716 votes received.

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