Would you buy cheap child-sweatshop made clothes?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 23 June 2008.

Would you buy cheap child-sweatshop made clothes?

Thereíve been reports this week that some Primark clothes have been finished off using child labour. If this is confirmed, will it change the way you shop there?

Which of the following is closest to your view?


A. Who cares? Itís a different culture, it's not our business.917 votes (10 %)
B. Itís cheap and thatís more important to me.730 votes (8 %)
C. I donít believe it's worse than any others, so thereís no choice.2,066 votes (23 %)
D. Iíll avoid it unless I canít find a cheap viable alternative.1,763 votes (20 %)
E. Iíll never shop there again.1,310 votes (15 %)
F. I've never shopped there anyway.2,147 votes (24 %)

                   8,933 votes received.

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