What should be means-tested? Free bus passes, the NHS, student loans?MoneySaving Poll Results

Which of the following allowances and entitlements do you think should be means-tested based on your income/wealth Ė in other words the richest donít get it or get less. And which do you think everyone should get regardless?


Free bus passes for over-65s (10628 votes)
Means-tested4069 votes (38%)
Available to all6559 votes (62%)
Disability benefits (10509 votes)
Means-tested3942 votes (38%)
Available to all6567 votes (62%)
Free NHS services (10560 votes)
Means-tested983 votes (9%)
Available to all9577 votes (91%)
The student living loan (means-tested on parental income) (10501 votes)
Means-tested5875 votes (56%)
Available to all4626 votes (44%)
Free care home access (10554 votes)
Means-tested3350 votes (32%)
Available to all7204 votes (68%)
Free school transport for under-16s (means-tested on parental income) (10559 votes)
Means-tested5247 votes (50%)
Available to all5312 votes (50%)
Free sight tests / free dental services (10604 votes)
Means-tested3651 votes (34%)
Available to all6953 votes (66%)
Free museum access (10481 votes)
Means-tested2742 votes (26%)
Available to all7739 votes (74%)
Child benefit (10564 votes)
Means-tested6864 votes (65%)
Available to all3700 votes (35%)
NHS prescriptions (10566 votes)
Means-tested4523 votes (43%)
Available to all6043 votes (57%)
Free TV licences for over-75s (10641 votes)
Means-tested4745 votes (45%)
Available to all5896 votes (55%)
State pension (10545 votes)
Means-tested1159 votes (11%)
Available to all9386 votes (89%)
Free school meals (means-tested on parental income) (10587 votes)
Means-tested7470 votes (71%)
Available to all3117 votes (29%)
Free library access (10547 votes)
Means-tested891 votes (8%)
Available to all9656 votes (92%)
Passport costs (10497 votes)
Means-tested6729 votes (64%)
Available to all3768 votes (36%)
Legal aid (10591 votes)
Means-tested6278 votes (59%)
Available to all4313 votes (41%)

           10,808 people have voted.

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