Should the regulator prevent broadband & mobile firms from cutting their price to keep you when you ask to leave? MoneySaving Poll Results


Ofcom, the communications regulator, is investigating digital TV, broadband, landline and mobile phone ‘retention’ offers - those where when you ask to leave they try and cut prices to persuade you to stay.

It believes this could be harmful to consumers in the longer term as new providers find it hard to compete for business, therefore reducing choice and meaning only decent hagglers get the better deals (for tips on how to do it see our How to haggle service providers guide).

Which of the following is CLOSEST to your opinion?


Stop it! - If I’m asking to leave I want to move as quickly & easily as possible.914 votes (17 %)
Stop it! - It’s unfair as it allows more confident consumers to get better deals.977 votes (18 %)
Don't stop it! - We should encourage providers to fight for our business.2,050 votes (38 %)
Don't stop it! - It’s great, I often talk to the retentions dept. & slash my cost.1,409 votes (26 %)

                   5,350 votes received.

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