When did you last transfer your cash ISA(s)?MoneySaving Poll Results

ISA providers love to suck people in with great rates, then drop 'em. Yet you've a right to massively boost the rate through a top cash ISA transfer.

Which of the following is nearest your situation?


Got ISAs and didnít know you could transfer327 votes (3 %)
I don't have cash ISAs1,798 votes (17 %)
Needn't transfer as my rates are near best possible / locked-in1,534 votes (14 %)
Not transferred for over 5 years, and rate poor/unknown714 votes (7 %)
Not transferred for over a year and rate poor/unknown977 votes (9 %)
Transferred within last fortnight3,044 votes (29 %)
Transferred within last year2,235 votes (21 %)

                   10,629 votes received.

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