Do you agree with reducing the number of energy tariffs?MoneySaving Poll Results

Energy regulator Ofgem plans to cap the number of tariffs suppliers can offer to four per fuel, in a bid to simplify the market.

One potential negative is that prices for the cheapest deals could rise, as suppliers won’t be able to offer expensive standard tariffs. These are often £250 a year more than online deals, so they’ll need to make up the difference from somewhere.

Which is closest to your view on how the market should look?


A few simple tariffs: Even if the cheapest deals get costlier while the most expensive fall1,169 votes (28 %)
Many tariffs, as now: Cheaper for switchers, but the rest pay more844 votes (20 %)
Regulated prices or nationalisation: No competition, the regulator fixes prices2,167 votes (52 %)

                   4,180 votes received.

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