Did you pay asking price for your pad?MoneySaving Poll Results


Poll started 24 August 2010:

Did you pay asking price for your pad?

Asking prices are often optimistic, showing what the seller wants for the property, not what they'll get. (See Free House Price Valuations for more.)

We've split the vote, as the process of buying and selling property in Scotland is different from the rest of the UK. In Scotland, properties are marketed with an 'offers over' price, often set low to encourage competition.

When you bought your current home, what percentage above/below the asking price did you pay?


A.1-2% below asking price887 votes (12 %)
B. 3-5% below asking price1,362 votes (19 %)
C. 6-7% below asking price475 votes (6 %)
D. 8-10% below asking price698 votes (9 %)
E. 11-14% below asking price292 votes (4 %)
F. 15-19% below asking price173 votes (2 %)
G. 20% or more below asking price264 votes (4 %)
H. Asking price 1,542 votes (21 %)
I. 1-4% above asking price131 votes (2 %)
J. 5-9% above asking price37 votes (1 %)
K. 10% or more above asking price57 votes (1 %)
L. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND More than 5% below asking price60 votes (1 %)
M. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND 1-5% below asking price 101 votes (1 %)
N. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND asking price 222 votes (3 %)
O. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND 1-4% above asking price 39 votes (1 %)
P. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND 5-9% above asking price 61 votes (1 %)
Q. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND 10-19% above asking price 81 votes (1 %)
R. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND 20-29% above asking price 57 votes (1 %)
S. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND 30% or more above asking price   28 votes (0 %)
T. I don't own a home794 votes (11 %)

                   7,361 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.