Who wears the financial trousers?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 25 Feb 2008:

Who wears the financial trousers in your relationship?

Which of these is closest to your set-up?


A. Man does household budget, woman does financial product choice.210 votes (3 %)
B. Woman does household budget, man does financial product choice.542 votes (7 %)
C. Man does everything financial, woman does nothing.1,600 votes (22 %)
D. Woman does everything financial, man does nothing.2,680 votes (36 %)
E. Everything is done together. 1,078 votes (15 %)
F. Tasks are split equally.258 votes (3 %)
G. Take it in turns.49 votes (1 %)
H. I'm single/a single parent847 votes (11 %)
I. Same gender couple.135 votes (2 %)

                   7,399 votes received.

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