Have you ever cheated the taxman?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 25 March 2008:

Have you ever cheated the taxman?

Have you ever not declared earnings, left money in a hidden account, or not paid tax when you should? It is of course a crime, and being cracked down on ever more harshly. How widespread is tax evasion?

Which is the closest to your situation? Over your life have you knowingly:


A. Undeclared/Hidden substantial sums (10,000s). 216 votes (4 %)
B. Undeclared/Hidden big sums (1,000s). 439 votes (9 %)
C. Undeclared/Hidden some cash (100s). 852 votes (17 %)
D. Undeclared/Hidden small cash (less than 100). 801 votes (16 %)
E. Nothing ever. I declare every penny. 2,613 votes (53 %)

                   4,921 votes received.

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