Is it right some must sell their homes to pay care home costs?MoneySaving Poll Results

If someone needs to go into a care home, the value of their assets, including their home, is usually used to calculate what they pay. This doesnít apply to couples when one is still living at home.

In England there are plans that only homes worth over £123,000 will be taken into account (currently, itís £23,250). The most anyone needs to pay for care is £75,000 over their lifetime, plus £12,500 per year to cover bed and board. After that, state help kicks in.

Is it right some must sell their homes to pay care home costs?

Which of these options is CLOSEST to your view?


Yes. A house is an asset, so why should taxpayers pay if youíve the wealth?2,967 votes (20 %)
Yes. But only if it's more valuable (eg, £500k - twice the national average).1,818 votes (12 %)
No. Your home should be protected, but other assets should be considered.1,724 votes (12 %)
No. Everyoneís care and board should be covered by NHS (ie, taxpayers). Why should those with a house have to pay when those without get it covered?8,075 votes (55 %)

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