Is the house price crash over?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 25 August 2009:

Is the house price crash over?

Over the last year according to the Land Registry UK average house prices have crashed by a mammoth 14%, yet recently the Nationwide index has shown prices are up 2.6% over the last three months.

Is this the end of the crash as the economy picks up or are we heading for another drop as sellers put properties on the market to cash in?

What do you think will happen to UK house prices over the next YEAR?


A. Increase over 20%. (boom)117 votes (1 %)
B. Increase 10-20%. (smaller boom)248 votes (3 %)
C. Increase 5-10%.1,206 votes (13 %)
D. Increase 2-5%. 2,755 votes (30 %)
E. No real change. 2,257 votes (24 %)
F. Decrease 2-5%. 879 votes (9 %)
G. Decrease 5-10%. 723 votes (8 %)
H. Decrease 10-20% (smaller crash).406 votes (4 %)
I. Decrease over 20% (crash). 299 votes (3 %)
J. I really have no idea.431 votes (5 %)

                   9,321 votes received.

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