Are you in the closet?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 25 Sep 07

Are you in the closet?

When you save money, get a bargain, or cut the cost, do you proudly boast about it to all and sundry, or do you keep quiet, sorting your cash on the side so you can pretend to be carefree about cash?

Which of these is closest to your attitude?


A. Proud to be a MoneySaver. I boast to all and sundry 1,176 votes (40 %)
B. Iím only out to close friends. I tell a few, but keep it quiet to most 609 votes (20 %)
C. On money yes, on bargains no. I boast about my finances but not buying bargains46 votes (2 %)
D. On bargains yes, on money no. I boast about bargain buys, but not my finances888 votes (30 %)
E. Iím not a real MoneySaver. I donít do it often enough to boast 150 votes (5 %)
F. Iím a MoneySpender. Iím only starting out, too soon to say105 votes (4 %)

                   2,974 votes received.

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