Do you eat out more than you eat in?MoneySaving Poll Results


Britain has become a country of fine restaurants, at fine prices (though do check for a 2for1 deal). Have you become a restaurant regular or do you prefer to cook yourself?

How often do you eat out for your EVENING meal (do include takeaways)Ö?


Iím single (no dependent kids) (3401 votes)
Never285 votes (8%)
Only very rarely1183 votes (35%)
1-3 times a month905 votes (27%)
4-8 times a month692 votes (20%)
9-20 times a month274 votes (8%)
Over 20 times a month62 votes (2%)
Iím in a couple (no dependent kids) (9831 votes)
Never332 votes (3%)
Only very rarely2608 votes (27%)
1-3 times a month3477 votes (35%)
4-8 times a month2653 votes (27%)
9-20 times a month660 votes (7%)
Over 20 times a month101 votes (1%)
Iím a single parent with dependent kids (749 votes)
Never25 votes (3%)
Only very rarely266 votes (36%)
1-3 times a month226 votes (30%)
4-8 times a month158 votes (21%)
9-20 times a month58 votes (8%)
Over 20 times a month16 votes (2%)
Iím in a couple with dependent kids (5325 votes)
Never230 votes (4%)
Only very rarely1414 votes (27%)
1-3 times a month1987 votes (37%)
4-8 times a month1334 votes (25%)
9-20 times a month309 votes (6%)
Over 20 times a month51 votes (1%)

                   19,371 votes received.

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