Should we starve the jobless back to work? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 26 April 2010:

Should we starve the jobless back to work?

Lord Jones, former head of business institute the CBI (and for a while an independent Labour minister), recently said we should ‘starve the jobless back to work’ by making benefits not pay in a discussion about the young unemployed.

Yet others say that’s both against human rights, and if there aren’t the jobs we'll simply see more crime if benefits are cut.

What would you say is roughly the right benefit to give an able single person seeking work? We'll assume rent is £50/week to reduce regional variance.

(Vote based on the overall level of benefit for all payments including rent/mortgage and living)


A. Nothing.2,282 votes (12 %)
B. £25/week (£1,250/year).1,365 votes (7 %)
C. £50/week (£2,500/year).2,263 votes (12 %)
D. £75/week (£3,750/year).4,892 votes (26 %)
E. £100/week (£5,000/year).5,237 votes (28 %)
F. £150/week (£7,500/year).1,903 votes (10 %)
G. £200/week (£10,000/year).506 votes (3 %)
H. £300/week (£15,000/year).145 votes (1 %)
I. The same as average full-time earnings - c. £25,000/year.243 votes (1 %)

                   18,836 votes received.

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