Where do you get your holiday cash from?MoneySaving Poll Results


Where do you get your holiday cash from?

If you're going on holiday and need cash, where do you usually get it from?


A Bureau de Change once you're there140 votes (3 %)
A cash machine once you're there 729 votes (14 %)
A UK Bureau de Change640 votes (12 %)
At the airport94 votes (2 %)
From your bank312 votes (6 %)
I always pay by card so don't ever get cash out 75 votes (1 %)
I don't go on holiday303 votes (6 %)
Online after comparing878 votes (17 %)
Other228 votes (4 %)
Post Office1,116 votes (22 %)
Travel agent619 votes (12 %)

                   5,134 votes received.

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