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Time to revalue council tax?

English & Scottish homes' council tax bands still rely on rushed valuations by estate agents driving past in 1991, and haven't been touched since, leaving 400,000 homes in the wrong band (see council tax rebanding to check yours).

Last week, the govt. ruled out a full-scale revaluation worried some would move up bands (others would of course be lowered)

Which of these is closest to your view?


20 years is too long- we need a full revaluation.2,093 votes (34 %)
I'm in Wales or Northern Ireland & this doesn't apply.344 votes (6 %)
Leave it as it is but allow everyone a right to appeal.2,412 votes (39 %)
Leave it as it is - too much risk of it going wrong.1,353 votes (22 %)

                   6,202 votes received.

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