Would you support a 50% tax rate Ė if it didnít raise extra cash?MoneySaving Poll Results

The Labour Party says if it returns to power, itíll reintroduce the 50% income tax rate for higher earners (those over £150,000) as it says they should bear a bigger burden.

Yet it's not clear whether this will actually bring in extra revenue, as it could act as a disincentive, while some will take their wealth overseas. We want to know your attitude to taxation of this type.

Assume increasing the tax rate wonít increase the amount the government receives in tax. (Weíre not saying it wonít, we're just testing the hypothetical question.)

Which of these is closest to your view?


Donít raise it to 50% Ė tax is to raise revenue, not to punish.8,045 votes (70 %)
50% is a fair amount, it should be set there on principle.2,548 votes (22 %)
50% isnít enough Ė no-one should be earning that much.872 votes (8 %)

                   11,465 votes received.

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