Can money be tainted by ‘evil’? MoneySaving Poll Results


Poll Started 28th March 2011

Can money be tainted by 'evil'?

Can money itself be bad, or is the morality only about what you do with it? Take the following scenario…

A nasty dictatorial regime with hideous human rights record offers an international charity £1 billion. The money would feed millions who are starving, save them from malaria, massively improve their quality of life.

Should the charity take the money?


Don’t take the cash. The money is tainted, taking it risks legitimising the dictator1,529 votes (26 %)
Must be anonymous. Only take it in the unlikely event the dictator agrees anonymity1,166 votes (20 %)
Take the cash. The money can do good, even if it’s from a bad place3,205 votes (54 %)

                   5,900 votes received.

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