Do you feel better off now than five years ago?MoneySaving Poll Results


A simple question how do you feel about your finances now compared to at the time of the last general election?

Please choose one option in the relevant category below:


I'm under 35 (2808 votes)
Much better off690 votes (25%)
Better off593 votes (21%)
Slightly better off364 votes (13%)
Roughly the same285 votes (10%)
Slightly worse off252 votes (9%)
Worse off373 votes (13%)
Much worse off251 votes (9%)
I'm 35 - 49 (5409 votes)
Much better off633 votes (12%)
Better off876 votes (16%)
Slightly better off648 votes (12%)
Roughly the same678 votes (13%)
Slightly worse off621 votes (11%)
Worse off1160 votes (21%)
Much worse off793 votes (15%)
I'm 50 - 65 (5826 votes)
Much better off532 votes (9%)
Better off1001 votes (17%)
Slightly better off705 votes (12%)
Roughly the same794 votes (14%)
Slightly worse off666 votes (11%)
Worse off1309 votes (22%)
Much worse off819 votes (14%)
I'm over 65 (2858 votes)
Much better off246 votes (9%)
Better off638 votes (22%)
Slightly better off459 votes (16%)
Roughly the same584 votes (20%)
Slightly worse off322 votes (11%)
Worse off420 votes (15%)
Much worse off189 votes (7%)

                   16,901 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.