Do you ask for a doggy bag?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 28 July 2008.

Do you ask for a doggy bag?

In the USA, even in some quite upmarket restauarants, it's common to be offered a doggy bag so you can take the remainder of the food home with you. Is our culture different?

Do you ask for a doggy bag in the UK if you’ve food left?


A. Always – we always want to take the food home.802 votes (11 %)
B. Occasionally – If there’s lots left and it's been expensive. 1,882 votes (25 %)
C. Rarely – I’ve done it once or twice but that’s it.1,902 votes (25 %)
D. Never – doggone no way.2,993 votes (39 %)

                   7,579 votes received.

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