What's your least favourite part of Christmas dinner?MoneySaving Poll Results


Whether you plump for turkey, goose, ham or a good-old nut roast for your festive meal, there’s usually something of the myriads on offer that you’d rather go without. Maybe you’d ditch the sprouts, chuck out the turkey or skip Christmas pudding altogether?

What’s your least favourite part of Christmas dinner?


Brandy sauce617 votes (5 %)
Bread sauce1,629 votes (14 %)
Brussels sprouts1,950 votes (17 %)
Carrots119 votes (1 %)
Chestnuts552 votes (5 %)
Christmas pudding1,161 votes (10 %)
Cranberry sauce401 votes (3 %)
Devils on horseback221 votes (2 %)
Ham102 votes (1 %)
Mince pies385 votes (3 %)
Parsnips489 votes (4 %)
Pigs in blankets390 votes (3 %)
Red cabbage418 votes (4 %)
Roast potatoes121 votes (1 %)
Stuffing271 votes (2 %)
Turkey718 votes (6 %)
I like all of it1,701 votes (15 %)
I don't like any of it340 votes (3 %)

                   11,585 votes received.

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