Soon every employee must pay into a pension - will you opt out?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 30 March 2010

Soon every employee must pay into a pension - will you opt out?

From 2012, every employee in the UK will AUTOMATICALLY contribute 1% (rising to 4%) of salary to a private pension via their payroll and employers and tax benefits will match it. Find out more in Martinís Not got a pension? You will in two years blog.

Pros: Youíll have a pension & itís effectively a payrise as your employer has to put cash in
Cons: Less in your paypacket. Your take home pay will be reduced due to the contribution.

Which is closest to your view (be as honest as possible)


A. Iím self-employed/not working/retired it doesnít apply to me1,271 votes (15 %)
B. I already contribute to a (work) pension so this is little change4,557 votes (55 %)
C. Iím in: I donít have pension now, and will happily use this new scheme1,237 votes (15 %)
D. Iíll be in by default: I donít have a pension and want to opt out, but am likely to forget281 votes (3 %)
E. Iíll opt out: I donít have a pension and will definitely opt out of this too967 votes (12 %)

                   8,313 votes received.

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