Can you spot a BIG company?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 28 April 2008:

The ‘Can you spot a BIG company’ quiz.

There are 11 companies listed below; ten of the UK’s biggest companies (or technically the biggest listed on the London Stock Exchange) and one other. The rankings are based on ‘market capital’, which is the current stock market valuation of all those listed as at 28 April 2008 according to Sunday Times data.

The answer will be in next week’s email

Vote for which you think ISN’T a top ten UK company…

And no cheating and looking it up!


Anglo American (mining)460 votes (8 %)
BG (British Gas)777 votes (14 %)
BHP Billiton (mining)632 votes (11 %)
BP (Oil)111 votes (2 %)
British American Tobacco (Cigarettes)449 votes (8 %)
Glaxo Smith Kline (Pharmaceutical)228 votes (4 %)
HSBC (Banking)635 votes (11 %)
Rio Tinto (Mining)939 votes (17 %)
Shell(Oil)266 votes (5 %)
Tesco (Supermarket)503 votes (9 %)
Vodafone (Communications)638 votes (11 %)

                   5,638 votes received.

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