Should Doorstep sellers be banned?MoneySaving Poll Results

Recently the six big energy companies agreed their doorstep salespeople would obey a no cold callers sign on the door (click link to get a free one).

Doorstep Sellers Pros: Can alert you to local offers, helps fledgling businesses announce their services.
Doorstep Sellers Cons: Can be annoying & and leaves the vulnerable at mercy of pushy sale.

Which of these is closest to your view?


A. Absolute ban on doorstep sellers8,832 votes (71 %)
B. Doorstep sellers must be licenced1,448 votes (12 %)
C 'No Cold Calling' signs legally enforceable1,943 votes (16 %)
D. No ban247 votes (2 %)

                   12,470 votes received.

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