What puts you off from reclaiming mis-sold PPI?MoneySaving Poll Results


It was announced this week that the majority of people likely owed compensation for PPI havenít claimed it yet. There are only two years left for people to claim, and given many could be owed thousands plus a new ruling means just having had PPI makes it likely you were mis-sold, we want to know what is putting people off.

So if you've an inkling you've had PPI in the past, what puts you off reclaiming?

Please select the single biggest reason which applies to you.


I donít understand what it is, or what Iíd be claiming for213 votes (4 %)
My bank told me I had it but it wasn't mis-sold134 votes (3 %)
Iíve already been rejected, but havenít appealed†164 votes (3 %)
I had PPI, plan to claim, but just havenít got round to it yet40 votes (1 %)
I had PPI but can't find the paperwork to make a claim551 votes (10 %)
I had PPI but donít know who sold it to me223 votes (4 %)
I had PPI but canít track down the company who sold it to me136 votes (3 %)
I had PPI but claiming seems too much hassle93 votes (2 %)
I had PPI but donít think Iíll get that much money back65 votes (1 %)
I had PPI but donít want to pay a claims company to do it for me†54 votes (1 %)
I used my PPI successfully when I had it (it did what it was sold to me for), so donít think I can claim for mis-selling now98 votes (2 %)
Another reason (please tell us in the forum discussion link below)395 votes (7 %)
I have successfully claimed for mis-sold PPI already161 votes (3 %)
I've checked and I definitely didn't have PPI511 votes (10 %)
I donít know whether Iíve had PPI or not, and havenít checked2,484 votes (47 %)

                   5,322 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.