Would you KNOWINGLY buy sweatshop-made cheap clothes?MoneySaving Poll Results

Last week's collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh where workers were said to be operating amid dangerous conditions has brought the issue of sweatshop-made clothes into sharp focus. We want to know if you'd buy stuff made this way.

If it was CONFIRMED a fashion store sold cheap, sweatshop-made clothes, which of these statements would be CLOSEST to your attitude?


I already source all my clothes from fair trade organisations294 votes (3 %)
I'd avoid it, unless I couldn't find a cheap, viable alternative2,644 votes (23 %)
I'd never shop there again2,046 votes (18 %)
I'd still buy as at least it means they have some work2,162 votes (19 %)
I'd still buy if it's cheap and I like it1,950 votes (17 %)
I'd still buy it's a different culture, charity begins at home379 votes (3 %)
I'd still buy Im too skint to be choosy1,194 votes (10 %)
I'd still buy they're all the same in reality, so there's little choice1,015 votes (9 %)

                   11,684 votes received.

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