Do you support the married couples' tax break?MoneySaving Poll Results

From 2015 the Government plans to allow married couples and civil partners (who arenít 40%+ taxpayers) to transfer £1,000 of their personal allowance - the amount they can earn before tax - to their spouse.

So, a partner who doesnít work or earns under the personal allowance (currently £9,440 for under 65s) could give the higher earner their allowance, saving them 20% tax, so theyíre £200 a year better off.

Which of these is closest to your view?


Good idea: marriage is an important institution that should be rewarded. 3,055 votes (24 %)
Good idea but not enough: The conceptís right, but for it to mean anything itíd need to be more.3,671 votes (29 %)
Wrong to exclude co-habiting couples: It should apply to all those in long-term stable relationships.1,401 votes (11 %)
Why should couples gain? Unfair on single parents and single people generally.3,844 votes (31 %)
Donít really care either way.407 votes (3 %)
Undecided.192 votes (2 %)

                   12,570 votes received.

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