Is it time to renationalise energy firms?MoneySaving Poll Results

Five of the big six have now announced price hikes. The average bill will hit £1,390/year, but if you switch provider the cheapest’s just £1,054.

Until 1986, all energy firms were Govt-owned, then privatised into companies with shareholders to try to boost competition and bring efficiencies. World energy prices have gone up enormously and demands for green investment add to costs, though many are angry at rising household bills.

Which of the following is nearest to your view?


Private wins – it's a world market, we gain by keeping private companies699 votes (7 %)
Nationalise – privatisation clearly hasn't worked6,166 votes (59 %)
Regulate prices – keep them private but the state should strictly control costs3,655 votes (35 %)

                   10,520 votes received.

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