Can you do percentages in your head?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 30 November 2009.

Can you do percentages in your head?

Maths and MoneySaving make a lovely couple but how good is your money maths? If you went in a shop and saw 30% off 16.99 would you instantly know the answer?

Which of these is nearest to your situation?


A. Master-matician. Yes, I can do most shop maths in seconds no probs.5,299 votes (38 %)
B. Mathematician. When I think about it I can do it.6,733 votes (48 %)
C. Sum yes sum no. I can do the easy ones.1,636 votes (12 %)
D. Zero sum game. Even with a calculator it's a struggle.417 votes (3 %)

                   14,085 votes received.

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